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Launched in 2007, Marisota is a brand of clothing line designed to meet the requirements of women  when it comes to the latest in fashion. This brand was influenced by the fact that almost half of the population of women in the UK has a body size of 16 or bigger. Aside from the offering the latest in women’s wear fashion ranging from sizes 12 all the way to 32, the company also offers a wide range of styles and fits.

From coats and jackets to dresses, from jeans to jumpsuits, from knitwear to leggings, from skirts to sportswear, from tailoring to tops and from trousers to shorts. Find the perfect clothes for your everyday use or for special occasions.

Aside from carrying the latest in women’s wear and women’s fashion, Marisota also carries other products designed to help you improve your health and your home. With the company’s Health and Beauty products ranging from cosmetics to fragrances, from skin care to hair care and from men’s fitness to health.

Marisota is known for specialising in fashion solutions and problem solving products for body size issues. These products that this direct home shopping company has to offer can help you enhance your body shape.

If you always have a hard time finding clothes because of your plus size, then you should browse through the company’s selection of Magi-Sculpt products, the Simply Wow jeans category, the Magi-Fit items and the Simply Voluptuous clothing line.

The Magi-Sculpt products that are available in trousers, skirts, dresses, and tops will give you a shapelier figure. If you want to visibly flatten your bum while providing it with a firm and beautiful shape, the company’s collection of Simply Wow jeans will help you do just that. If you experience difficulties in finding women’s wear that fits your body size, the Simply Voluptuous products will help you find the right one in just 3 fittings. The Magi-Fit collection, which is available in skirts, trousers, and jeans will give you the benefits of great tummy control.

Ambrose Wilson

Often thought to be a specialist in women-only wear, Ambrose Wilson now stocks menswear making for a more diverse range of clothing.  Style is in no shortage for either gender at Ambrose Wilson. From the timeless to the trendy a style-conscious shopper will find all that he or she desires when browsing through this online catalogue website.

In addition to clothing , Ambrose Wilson also offers a variety of other products such as  furniture, home and garden accessories will help a home owner embellish a living space on a budget. Health and beauty products for both men and women will keep you looking and feeling fresh.
Ambrose Wilson showcases the latest and greatest clothes from the best designers as the seasons go along. You will never be without that sweater to keep you warm during autumn. You can be sure that you are getting value for money when you shop here.


Littlewoods is one of the oldest catalogue shopping services in the United Kingdom. For the past 70 years, Littlewoods has offered everything from the latest fashions to gadgets and home appliances much like the Littlewoods we all know and love to this day.

The Littlewoods catalogue offers a large variety of clothing and accessories for both men and women.  The clothes featured in the online catalogue offer you the latest and greatest trends today that ensure both style and practicality in every purchase.  There is even electrical items such as televisions and mobile phones that are available in addition to home and furniture items.


Jacamo is the ultimate one stop place for men to shop. If you want to do all your shopping without the usual hassles, then you should consider buying all the things you need through this online retailer. When you do your shopping at Jacamo, you are not only looking at a wide array of different menswear as you can buy almost anything that you need including grooming products, home supplies and electrical appliances.

Simply Be

Simply Be has a huge catalogue of clothing for women of all sizes. With an even wider variety of colours and options available, customers who shop here may end up having a hard time putting their credit cards down. Even with an unstoppable and keen eye for style, the amount of savings you can get from shopping with Simply Be may suprise you.

From the lowest to highest prices, a shopper will find all they need in the Simply Be catalogue. Everything from everyday clothes to swimwear, lingerie and accessories can be found here. So a stylish shopper wanting to get everything she needs for a full wardrobe will do well shopping with this catalogue.

Fashion World

Fashion World UK specialises in a variety of women’s fashions for a variety of occasions, but also offers products under accessories, sports & swimwear, lingerie, footwear, men’s, home, electricals, gifts and beauty.

Fashion world  also promotes through their youtube channel, FashionWorldUK, presenting there videos of their many products

Argos Catalogue

Argos is the largest retailer of general goods in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Argos still maintains a reputation as a catalogue shop. Since the 70′s, catalogue shopping has always been a staple of retailers in the UK and remains as the system of choice in many other shopping outlets across the country.

Being the largest chain store in the entire United Kingdom, describing all of the products in detail can easily make up a book.While you can go out and pick up a catalogue yourself, the magic of the internet should let you browse through the entire line of product offerings on the official Argos website.

Very Catalogue

The Very Catalogue was originally known as Littlewoods Direct. While the company changed its name to Very, they are still carrying the same branded clothing lines for men, women and children.

If you need to make house improvements and upgrades, you can also find what you need to do just that in the large selection of home, furniture and electrical products that the Very Catalogue carries. From tableware to washers & dryers, diningware to mobile phones, rugs & flooring to TVs & home theaters, garden supplies to gadgets, beddings to kitchen electricals and from sofas to furniture.

Premier Man

One of the best things about this direct home shopping company is its extensive selection of clothing lines that are designed for men of all sizes. Ranging from petite body sizes to full body and plus sizes you will find what you need through their collection that will perfectly fit your body shape and size. The company’s wide collection of big men’s wear is just one of the main reasons as to why you should already consider doing all your shopping with them.

Whether you are looking for casual wear in a big men’s size or something more formal that will compliment your large body size and shape. Premier Man carries whatever it is you need from coats to jackets,jeans to knitwear, shorts to swimwear and from tops to trousers.


Considered as specialists in clothing for women, it has found the exact formula to deliver fashionable and high quality products at a cost effective manner. Aside from creating shapely figures for its online customer, it is also a source of numerous bargains.

This formula is one of the main reasons for the increasing popularity of Julipa which has made it a favourite among women shoppers looking for stylish and affordable collection of products for every occasion.

Julipa delivers various colours and options available on jackets, dresses, coats, jeans, trousers, tops, cardigans and other products.  Julipa even caters to plus size clothing that fit those from size 12 to 34.  This favourite collection puts forth the beauty of women who have a slightly heavier weight. With styles that are flattering and lengths that are long enough, there is sure to be a style for every type of woman.


Freemans is a catalogue clothing retailer that was founded in 1904, marking this year as their 108th anniversary. This clothing retailer is known for collaborating with renowned fashion designers including Scott Henshall. Because of the quality of the service they provide, the company has won several awards, including the “Best Mail Order Brand” of Prima Magazine and the “Most Aspirational Mail Order Catalogue” of More Magazine.

La Redoute

La Redoute is considered to be the number one when it comes to fashion collection in France. The company has also been in the home shopping industry of UK for twelve years, making it a tried and tested catalogue shopping company. They are also a part of Redcats, which is part of one of the largest home shopping organisations around the world.

The aim of this direct home shopping company is to bring the latest in fashion from all over the world right at your doorstep for affordable rates. Aside from a wide range of the latest in fashion, they also offer other products for everyone’s use. If you want to stay fashionable without having to spend a lot of money, then choosing this company as your home shopping option is one of the best ways to go.

Simply Yours

Simply Yours is a home shopping brand under JD Williams and Company Limited. Simply Yours is known as a quality fashion brand for women. The company realises that not all women are slim and slender. In fact, most women in the UK are of the average weight and have voluptuous curves. The company understands that there is a market for full-figure beautiful lingerie in the UK. In addition, more women are gaining their confidence despite the media emphasising that only thin and slim women.

If you’re a full-figured woman, you understand how hard it can be to find a bra or knickers that are both functional and stylish. In the past, you simply can’t have the best of both worlds. But with Simply Yours, you absolutely can enjoy both chic form and outstanding function.